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                     Shanghai (suzhou) Wallace chun environmental protection engineering co., LTD. Is specialized is engaged in the environmental protection water supply and drainage entity platform, with strong professional technical support, completed a number of small and medium-sized give, drainage project construction.

              The company in water supply and drainage of conventional treatment, ultrapure water system, industrial wastewater treatment system, biological filter, high density precipitation, ozone system, ultraviolet disinfection system, sludge dewatering system, film processing technology have original innovation technology, including a number of invention and practical new patent technology.

              The company mainly devotes to the semiconductor, pv, printing and dyeing industries pure wastewater treatment, and for many large enterprises to provide services.

              The company also with a large number of domestic and foreign famous manufacturer in this field, and non-standard equipment fabrication and installation enterprise have often period good relations of cooperation. Wallace chun environmental protection will be the leading professional technical, the first-class equipment system integration ability, warm and meticulous service attitude, look forward to working with colleagues friendly cooperation common drawing the blue sky of the grand blueprint, providing people with good production and living environment.

              Contact Us

              Office address Friendship road, minhang district of Shanghai
              The factory address Kunshan weeks town LiuYangMin ni jia bang road
              Tel 021-65750985
              fax 021-60911216
              Service telephone 021-65750985
              Email sales@matriep.com


              Mai Chun environmental Copyright 〖professional pure water / wastewater treatment project general contractor, environmental protection equipment: pneumatic pump, pneumatic diaphragm pumps, MBR, ultrafiltration membrane series〗 Site Map

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              ICP record number: Shanghai ICP for no. 10200723